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Our team is refreshingly open, talented, and ready to help.

Our zest for local real estate ensures our team keeps — and often sets — the pace with local market trends and conditions. Reliable, dedicated and passionate, all of our communications and methodologies are entrenched with understanding. We don’t rest until we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.


Some stories are just meant to be.

One of the southern Gold Coast’s most influential and respected agents, Alex is our multi-awarded principal leading our team and guiding our clients through a rarely seen empathetic approach.

With a background that extends to a highly-esteemed Real Estate agency in Rio De Janeiro’s prestigious industry, Alex brings a distinctive perspective to the Southern Gold Coast market. While most agents obsess over results, Alex takes on a process-led outlook that not only ensures goals are met but also caters to each client’s unique version of success.

With a strong and versatile team, composed of local industry specialists and young, driven professionals who all share the same vision–offering the best Real Estate experience while building genuine relationships and growing the beautiful local community.


Rudy G
Sales Agent

An ardent real estate sales agent with over two decades of experience combining undeniable approachability with a deep-seated sense of duty to the client.

Rudy’s approach to real estate can be summated by the passion he has for the very essence of selling homes: getting all parties concerned the right deal at the right time. His knowledge of current markets and his understanding of the Gold Coast area sets him apart from his peers, making no mistake that selling and buying homes is an extensive and critical process, never one to approach in haste. An agent devoted to his clients from the first minute right through to handover, he endeavours to make every process as smooth as possible and indisputably stress-free.

Truth is integral to Rudy at every step. His strength of character means no matter what information he has to communicate; the best possible outcome is always paramount.


Maurício Gambá
Sales Associate

A cast-iron work ethic, and a craving for impactful customer service, are the powerful character traits setting this sales associate apart from the field.

Mauricio joins the Alex Passos team from an esteemed career working in internationally awarded hospitality venues. Combining his first-class knowledge with an utterly elevated customer service performance means he is poised for great things as a sales agent. Further strengths lie in his unwavering integrity and ability to make people feel like they can be wholeheartedly themselves: comfortable and open to express their needs and wants without reluctance. Understanding people — wholly — and showing them total loyalty are values he holds very close to his heart.

Hungry to succeed, Mauricio is an up and coming member of our team who we are sure will have a lasting impact on our agency

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